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M & R Ventures, london, uk


M & R Ventures - hair glow, london, uk
HairGlow-WB3 - M & R Ventures, london, ukHairglow™ Biovitamin complex is a unique formulation of biotin, vitamins and herbal remedies for combating hair loss and promoting faster hair growth. It is enriched with natural amino acids, vitamins and minerals giving you a balanced complement of vital B-complex vitamins, amongst others, that encourage and promote faster growing hair while improving keratin protein building for added strength, shine and length.


M & R Ventures - hair glow, london, ukVitamins and minerals play a key role in our health and the same is true of our hair. Hairglow™ Biovitamin supplements fill in the nutritional gaps left by our usual food intake that leaves our hair nutritionally deficient. It provides balanced nutrition and is developed specifically with a blend of nutrients shown to increase protein bonding and keratin – a vital component of both hair and nails. Enhanced with those nutrients vital to our scalp and hair, HairGlow supplements help address slower growth, loss of shine (dullness), temporary shedding, thinning and loss, and excessive breaking or frizz.

As with any dietary supplement, individual results will vary. However, most people report remarkable results within the first 4 to 6 weeks with others noticing a change in the quality and health of their hair a lot sooner.